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Boxing statistics and bouts' live scorings.
New dimension of boxing related emotions and experiences.

How it works

Fight-Stats is a boxing bouts live scoring application offering access to a wide range of data and statistics


Fight-Stats works on most modern web browsers. You don't have to install anything.


We have worked hard in order to make Fight-Stats work fine. Still have problems? Let us know.

Fight-Stats Details #1

Predict fights

Predict fights and confront your predictions with other users

Fight calendar
Fight-Stats Details #2

Score fights

Be a scoring referee and score boxing bouts. After each round you will be able to score your points. Share your score card on Facebook / Twitter and let others follow your scoring

Fight calendar
Fight-Stats Details #3

Check stats

After each round Fight-Stats generates a set of detailed stats. Check:
- who acording to the users was the winner.
- what were the users scores.
- how were the rounds scored.

Fight-Stats Details #4

Follow scorings and bouts

Fight-Stats is a unique form of participation in boxing events that allows you to follow other users scorings. All in live mode and without page reloading

If you would like to compare your scoring or check how other users have scored, create an account and log in the Fight-Stats application.


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